I had a successful knee replacement in 2009. In January 2015 I started experiencing almost constant inflammation. I used a walking stick and crutches frequently. In August 2015, Simple Path Health and Wellness was recommended to me. The treatments I received at Simple Path Health & Wellness were miraculous. After one series I experienced increased range of motion due to lowered inflammation, and most surprising was the return of "feeling" over the surgical area and knee cap. I could feel the pressure of my fingers for the first time since 2009. I have avoided further surgery and drugs. I am very grateful to Prem, for not only introducing me to his therapeutic approach but also the manner in which he administers it; with thoughtfulness, kindness and care.

-- Cal
Cheltham, England

Simple Path Health and Wellness has been extremely helpful to me for complimentary cancer treatments. I really appreciate their willingness to help in any situation that comes up, we appreciate their expertise and research, we enjoy and learn so much from consultations and the L.E.T has also helped me to keep feeling well, when conventional medicine is no longer able to help. They are very compassionate about what they do and very trustworthy.

-- Judy
Farmer, Homemaker and Great Grandmother

After suffering severe pain in my right forearm, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture. My doctor put me in a sling to immobilize my right arm so that hopefully it would heal. Being right-handed, this type of treatment made it impossible to complete my job duties. After three treatments at Simple Path Health and Wellness, I was pain free and have not had any more problems in over three years!

-- Cindy
Executive Assistant

For over 10+ years - no medications, acupuncture, or other treatments would stop the pain from trigeminal neuralgia on the left side of my face. Even the wind or a touch on that side of my face would cause it to flare. After a few treatments at Simple Path Health and Wellness my pain was so much better that I went off some prescription drugs and have pain free days now.

-- Lori
Health Educator

I injured my shoulder during a training exercise and did not want to have surgery. After a series of treatments at Simple Path Health & Wellness my strength and range of motion returned and the pain was relieved without surgery or drugs.

-- Brad